Conclave on Cyber Security (CCS’18)
Feb 27th and 28th 2018
The event ‘Conclave on Cyber Security (CCS 2018)’ has been organized by Dr. N. Bhalaji, Dr. S. Chithra and Dr. S. Karthika on behalf of Department of Information Technology on Feb 27th and 28th 2018.

The event started with the talk by Mr. Ashok Kumar Mohan, RA, TIFAC  CORE in Cyber Security, Amirtha University, Coimbatore.  He has given the exposure to Cyber forensics and covered various cyber forensic tools and was an eye-opener for the cyber security working team.  It was followed by Mr. Pratibo, Comptia who has delivered his ideas titled ‘Busting the myths- Hacking vs Cyber security & Talk on Comptia Career Path’. He has guided the participants how to proceed as a cyber security professional and has given exposure to various cyber security certification courses on cyber security.  He has also guided the participants the ways to lead cyber security as their career path.   A demonstration on ‘Threat management, Penetration Testing, Cyber incident response’ illustrated by Mr. Vinod Senthil from Infysec, Chennai.

On the second day of the event, Dr. Harish Ramani, Senior Information Security Analyst, Internettechies Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has given a lecture on ‘Migration from No security to security’.  His lecture was inspiring and gave the participants an interest to migrate from ‘no security’ to ‘security’.  The next session was the lecture on ‘Insight in Blockchain’ given by Dr. S. Chithra, Associate Professor, IT, SSN College of Engineering.  This session has provided the participants to initiate their application development using Block chain technology.  It was followed by a talk and demonstration on ‘Understanding today’s Cyber Risks, Privacy & Security in social media’ by Ms.Mubeen Sulthana, Strategic IT Trainer & Process Coach.  He has illustrated the social media cyber risks.

There was an open discussion on ‘Data handling in Dark World’ and ‘Trending technology in cyber security’ in the afternoon session, leaded by a team of cyber security professionals Dr. Harish Ramani and Mr. Pat Krishnan, Chief Innovation Officer at Helios and Matheson Analytics Inc, USA.  The discussion has given lot of inputs on current risks and the technologies used in the market for protection.  The discussion was followed by the demonstration of the tools and projects on cyber security in the Department of Information technology, SSN College of Engineering.  This session was headed by Dr. N. Bhalaji and Dr. S. Karthika who have given the complete picture of cyber security research of the department.

The whole event has given an exposure to current trends and research requirements in cyber security domain by various professionals from Industries and Academia.  The participants were benefited by the demonstration and illustration of various cyber security tools.

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